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Down-to-earth, never over-zealous or over-promise is our motto. We do not pretend to cover travel and wedding in many locations. Our client knows for sure they are speaking to real people who has the genuine experience, knowledge and passion about the destinations and at the same time connecting to Asian’s culture and expectations. Find out more about us HERE


More Than Just A Travel Agent

Being your preferred travel partner is more than just a liaison between you and a foreign country. We at Aegean Dreams aims to be the forerunner in customized, tailored holiday to Greece, specializing in bespoke, semi-free and easy vacation to it’s numerous highlights. Read more HERE


About Santorini Wedding

Planning your wedding and thinking about your honeymoon destination? Why not do both altogether in an exotic location! Whether it is a legalized wedding, symbolic ceremony or vow renewal, Santorini is the perfect place for couples seeking romantic and fulfilling experience. Find out how HERE


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Clients' Sweet Words

Henry & Esther testimonial

Joycelyn and team were very professional and informative during our discussions of the trip to Athens and Santorini. We felt our concerns were addressed and were in good hands then. Indeed we did not have much worries and the trip… Read more “Henry & Esther”

Henry & Esther
Yung Tat & Ashley testimonial

Firstly we would like to thank you for helping us to plan this trip. All the hotel location was wonderful as its all within the walking distance to town area. Secondly, we would strongly recommend the hotel you booked for… Read more “Yung Tat & Ashley”

Yung Tat & Ashley
Tai Wee & Queenie testimonial

Thanks to Aegean Dreams for all the arrangement!! We just love it and indeed a memorable honeymoon for us!! And yes we’ll definitely go back to Greece again for our wedding anniversary in future!!

Tai Wee & Queenie
Isabel & Shaowei testimonial

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you and your team for planning a wonderful and fuss free trip for us. We are very satisfied and happy that everything was planned out nicely for us, especially the transport… Read more “Isabel & Shaowei”

Isabel & Shaowei
Alvin & Charlyn testimonial

We chose Aegean Dreams because of the service and knowledge they given us. My wife and I did not planned anything or look through any website about Greece. We just went with the kit they given us. And I think… Read more “Alvin & Charlyn”

Alvin & Charlyn
Suriani & Adhar testimonial

I love love love Greece! Start to miss Mykonos already. And will never forget Santorini. Their red & black beaches! Such a magnificent place and very humble nice people. Managed to make new friends along the way. No problem about… Read more “Suriani & Adhar”

Suriani & Adhar
Safura & Hafizah testimonial

It was indeed a good choice engaging Aegean Dreams services for our trip to Greece. We were very impressed by the promptness of the reply to accede to any of our requests pre trip and during the trip itself. They… Read more “Safura & Hafizah”

Safura & Hafizah
Amy & Simon testimonial

Going to Greece for honeymoon had been my dream and thank you Aegean Dreams for making it come true. They responded quickly to all my enquiries. Joycelyn prepared everything for us and we just sat back and relax with no… Read more “Amy & Simon”

Amy & Simon
Boon Hiong & Meisee testimonial

Thank you so much for making our anniversary in Switzerland so wonderful with your details planning & always there whenever we need help. Thank you so much!

Boon Hiong & Meisee
Shawn Madeleine testimonial

Aegean Dreams were able to tailor made an itinerary to our liking. They were also prompt in their response and ensured that we were well taken care of during our trip.

Shawn & Madeleine
Ben & Bao testimonial

An unforgettable Greece escape!Even though it was our first time visit to Greece, our tour was utmost enjoyable with ease. Athens ancient sighting, Sunset moments in nicely recommended hotel in Mykonos and incomparable hotel view in Santorini presented a very… Read more “Ben & Bao”

Ben & Bao
Wen Jing & Kassie testimonial

Thank you Joycelyn and Smong for the travel tips and prompt respond to our enquiries. It was a happy wedding trip for all of us. I’m glad that we had chosen AegeanDreams assisting us for the wedding planning in Greece.

Wen Jing, Kassie & family
Yin & Cheng testimonial

经朋友的推荐,我们最终选择了Aegean Dreams 进行浪漫的希腊旅程。 从与他们交流的第一刻开始,一切都进展的十分顺利,效率很高。这次的希腊之行,酒店安排各有特点,而且每个酒店的工作人员都很友善,给我们留下了美好的感觉。并且,我们在旅途过程中也有大量的自由时间,这样即轻松又安排妥当的行程,让我自己都为能找到这样一家优秀的公司而感到幸运。谢谢 Joycelyn,谢谢 Smong, 谢谢 ViVi,有你们,我们才有了2014美好的5月。朋友们,如果你坚信爱情,你就选择希腊吧!如果你要圆一个浪漫的梦,那就选择希腊吧!

Yin & Cheng
Kent & Pey Pey Testimonial

Joycelyn and team are very helpful and prompt in response to my enquiries. It’s always good to have a hassle-free holiday!

Kent & Pey Pey
Wenjing & Yu testimonial

很感谢你们安排的行程, 当我们到达你们为我们安排的酒店时,小伙伴们都惊呆了,真是太美太童话了。不可否认的是,AD的行程策划真是无缝接轨,衔接自然,特别是那本万能的无价小书真是太有用了,从不离身。机场接送、酒店服务的工作人员都非常热情、友好,每次遇到什么问题都他们能耐心解答,服务周到。谢谢你们耐心的沟通与量身定制的策划,我们收获的不仅仅是一场独一无二的婚礼和旅行,还有更多。

Wenjing & Yu
John & Cynthia testimonial

Joycelyn and Smong helped us materialise our dream of holding our civil wedding in the beautiful island of Santorini. The planning for our wedding started out in January, which commenced with a few emails correspondents and subsequently matured into a… Read more “John & Cynthia”

John & Cynthia
Daniel & Ivy testimonial

We are very satisfied with your team response during enquiry, the content and presentation of the travel kit provided. All is best but one point need to be improved, I believe that Aegean Dreams will do better. Our experience with… Read more “Daniel & Ivy”

Daniel & Ivy
Zulkifli & Marsina testimonial

Joycelyn & Smong have been very accommodating to us for our first leg of our trip to Greece! They provided us with remote assistance from Singapore to ensure that we’re in good hands. Thanks to you both for making our… Read more “Zulkifli & Marsina”

Zulkifli & Marsina
Kien Seang & Ke Shin testimonial

Thank aegean dream because help us to realize our dream to Greece. My wife and I had a very pleasant day at Greece especially at Santorini. The scenery there was breathtaking. You cant imagine how beautiful was there unless you… Read more “Kien Seang & Ke Shin”

Kien Seang & Ke Shin
Zahir & Idah testimonial

We have no words to describe how happy we are, engage Aegean Dreams for our honeymoon is not a mistake. All thanks to Joycelyn for her top notch plan for our honeymoon. will definitely get in touched with Aegean Dreams… Read more “Zahir & Idah”

Zahir & Idah
Stella & Wenlong testimonial

We are very lucky to choose Aegean Dreams who planned a perfect honeymoon & wedding trip for us. Before the trip, I had a 2, 3 months contact with Joycelyn, very patient and very nice, step by step to confirm… Read more “Stella & Wenlong”

Stella & Wenlong
Yih Yng & Whei Chern testimonial

We weren’t on our honeymoon nor did we go to Greece for wedding shots. But I’d like to thank Joycelyn for arranging a great trip for us. Great hotels, not too rush, plenty of history. She got all my requests… Read more “Yih Yng & Whei Chern”

Yih Yng & Whei Chern
Hector & Olivia testimonial

We were satisfied with Aegean Dreams in both travel and wedding planning. The tour was well organized, very satisfied with the content and presentation of the travel kit. Aegean Dreams certainly score a high 9/10 and will definitely recommend Aegean… Read more “Hector & Olivia”

Hector & Olivia
Vicent & Laura testimonial

We are so lucky can meet with Aegean dreams. Perfect management, amazing place and beautiful gown are very satisfied. We feel grateful that you spent so much time and patience in our questions. We will never forget our pre-wedding photo… Read more “Vicent & Laura”

Vicent & Laura
Gary Anne testimonial

Overall, its a pleasant vacation in Greece. I will like to thank Joycelyn & Smong arranging this trip for us as well as surprising us with an upgrade. Thumbs up for the good coordination & prompt responses!

Gary & Anne
Natalia testimonial

Joycelyn was nice to work with during the booking process, as well as during the time we were in Greece. She was very informative and responsive to our needs and concerns. Our time in Greece was balanced between organized tours… Read more “Natalia & Paulus”

Natalia & Paulus
Kamal & Norliah testimonial

AEGEAN DREAMS travel planners are passionate and knowledgeable. They strive to ensure our utmost comfort and convenience. Travel itinerary very clear. Choice of accommodations excellent. Well done Joycelyn!

Kamal & Norliah
Soh Cheng & group testimonial

Thank you so much for making our trip to Greece such an amazing one. Joycelyn and Smong were with us through the planning phase and they really did make sure that everything is well planned and answered all our queries… Read more “Soh Cheng & group”

Soh Cheng & group
Gordon & Vivian testimonial

We wanted to go Greece for our honeymoon but didn’t had a clue on how to plan for the trip. So we went for the least troublesome part, get an agency to plan the trip for us. Searched online and… Read more “Gordon & Vivian”

Gordon & Vivian
Maria & group testimonial

It really was a very memorable experience for us to visit beautiful Greece especially Mykonos n Santorini. Its been in our bucket’s list and we really enjoyed it very very much. Its exactly what we had expected. I am so… Read more “Maria & group”

Maria & group
Steven Niki Santorini Wedding & Italy Testimonial

I dreamt and Aegean Dreams Weddings & Travel Boutique made it happen for my 2 trips to Santorini and 1 trip to Florence and Rome with Niki! If you think only well known travel agency give you a desirable pocket… Read more “Steven & Niki”

Steven & Niki
Wai How & Poh Kah testimonial

Thank you for giving us our Best travel experience ever. From the pre-planning to the trip itself, everything was smooth & beyond our expectation. Keep up the great work as it is a gift to be able to provide such… Read more “Wai How & Poh Kah”

Wai How & Poh Kah
Ken & Gina France Italy testimonial

The level of friendliness and comfort is what we always appreciate from Joycelyn & Smong! The ability to capture what we want & to provide suggestion for our benefit, is the reason why we always come back to you. Going… Read more “Ken & Gina”

Ken & Gina
Philip & Cecilia testimonial

Morning ferry port was on strike and no ferry. Lucky to have Aegean Dreams support to help us get to Mykonos. Would like to thank them!

Philip & Cecilia
Desmond & Kailun testimonial

We had a fun, great and relaxing anniversary trip to Greece! We would like express our heartfelt thanks to Joycelyn and Smong for their wonderful arrangements and recommendations of places to eat and shop, as well as the surprise birthday… Read more “Desmond & Kailun”

Desmond & Kailun
Chris & Tracy Italy testimonial

We had enjoyable holiday in Greece last year organised by Aegean Dreams. When we decided to tour Italy this year we went visited several tour agencies including xxx on the recommendations of friends and relatives. However we finally decided to… Read more “Chris & Tracy”

Chris & Tracy
Lisa & Michael testimonial

We had a great time especially in Mykonos and Santorini. Weather was great during this time of the year and not much tourist. We were there in early May. Accommodation and its location was perfect. In Mykonos we were just… Read more “Michael & Lisa”

Michael & Lisa
Albert & Jessie testimonial

Thanks, Joycelyn. We enjoyed the trip. Excellent choices of hotels and local travel operators.

Albert & Jessie
Benny & Angela testimonial

We had a magnificent Greek holiday and would like to thank Joycelyn from Aegean Dreams for the thoughtful organization and considerations to make the trip a smooth and truly memorable one for us. From the careful planning of itinerary, the… Read more “Benny & Angela”

Benny & Angela
Sandy & Juliet testimonial

Certainly a pleasant vacation in Greece with careful planning and excellent services from Joycelyn. The friendly and prompt replies, flexibility to customize to our requests and hospitality of the tour guides amazed us! What’s more, when our arrival flight was… Read more “Juliet & Sandy”

Juliet & Sandy
Hallam & Regina testimonial

Everything was amazing. All the services, arrangements were prefect. Thank you so much for everything. The wedding wouldn’t be so perfect without all the works from Aegean Dream.

Hallam & Regina
Alex & Tracy testimonial

这次蜜月的重点是在我们的dream place–Santorini举行属于我们的崖边日落婚礼!反复了解比较价格后,最终我们确定了新加坡的Aegean dreams希腊旅游婚庆公司作为我们此次在希腊旅行+婚礼的全权代理负责,事实证明,选择他们真的是太~明~智~了~我们在希腊总共住了7晚4个酒店,每一个酒店都给我们留下了深刻的印象,我们比较过自己单独在booking订这几个酒店的价格,并不比AD帮我们订的便宜,而且,10月份,房源较为紧张。AD提供的婚礼酒店我们也单独联系过咨询过价格,相比之下这个价格在希腊玩8、9天还能举行婚礼,是不是很美丽~最后的婚礼照片和视频隔天就热乎乎的送到你手上,绝对是一份值得深藏的甜蜜记忆!

Alex & Tracy
Jun & Qiao testimonial

Very nice honeymoon trip in Greece! We have spent a very comfortable and relax time in Mykonos & Santorini. Thank you very much for giving us a so romantic wedding. Aegean Dreams Agency has arranged perfectly everything. Many friends of… Read more “Jun & Qiao”

Jun & Qiao
Kelvin & Josephine testimonial

A dream came true for us with our 35th wedding anniversary celebration made so memorable in the trip to Greece! Really appreciate the meticulous planning & follow through by team Aegeandreams.

Kelvin & Josephine
Xiyan & Ailin testimonial

离希腊婚礼已经过去一个多月了,这段时间一直在打扰,很感谢您不厌其烦地帮我们沟通协调。非常感谢您的付出。这几天我又把Aegean Dreams推荐给了周围的两位朋友。想起从开始与您取得联系到每一天的沟通、直到我们完成在希腊这8天的愉快旅程,有您这一路的陪伴,我们已经非常知足和感激。Aegean Dreams 这个品牌,也因您的出色工作在我们心中留下了美好而深刻的印象。

Xiyan & Ailin
Olivaer & Boey testimonial

Aegean Dreams did a great job planning our trip to Greece. Every detail was arranged for us with the best of drivers, tour guides, and hotels. It was a very memorable trip and one that we would suggest to other… Read more “Olivaer & Boey”

Olivaer & Boey
Jason & Regine testimonial

Thank you Joycelyn for the excellent planning, arrangements and your thoughtfulness into making our trip an excellent and enjoyable one! Your recommendations are excellent! We feel assured to let you totally plan this trip for us. We didn’t have to… Read more “Jason & Regine”

Jason & Regine
Meiyen & family testimonial


Meiyen & family
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