About Us

Down-to-earth, never over-zealous or over-promise is our motto. We do not pretend to cover travel and wedding in many locations. Our client knows for sure they are speaking to real people who has the genuine experience, knowledge and passion about the destinations and at the same time connecting to Asian’s culture and expectations.

Who We Are

Founded in 2011, Aegean Dreams is a home-grown brand registered under the Singapore Tourism Board. Being the only travel boutique in Singapore specialized in Greece, our team offer true tailored made, flexible travel and wedding experience for discerning clients to Athens, Northern Greece, Peloponnese and the Greek islands.

Our Story

Like you, we were always chasing for better vacations and have been traveling around as tourist. We first visited Greece more than 10 years ago and the impression that this magical place made on us became everlasting. We did not just return for subsequent vacations, it became our mission to share this special place with others. From being tourist ourselves, we went “local”. We partnered with some wonderful local Greeks and we started helping friends make travel plans. That passion grew and eventually bloomed into AEGEAN DREAMS. We became the first travel and wedding boutique specializing in Greece, subsequently added Switzerland and Italy to our list of curated destinations. Till date, we are still loving that journey.

Why Travel With Us

Focus and Niche. We do not offer large numbers of travel destinations like other travel agents because that is not our area of expertise. In order to ensure that all our clients are completely satisfied with our services, we need to know the destinations by the back of our hands. We don’t leave you at the hands of people we don’t trust. Our partners come with high ratings whom we have worked closely for many years.